Cecilia Saltini - What we do

The PR agency Cecilia Saltini offers clients long-term and mid-term programs of international PR and communication, which include press office work, consultancy service for the purchase of advertising spaces, creation of targeted mailing lists, organization of events, and other PR-solutions, in order to help clients promote their business all over the world. The programs last on average 6-12 months and can be repeated, and are composed of  five stages.

1. Preliminary meeting with the client to understand their activity and requirements, and the countries and markets where they would like to promote and increase their trade.

2. Analysis of the most suitable solutions and PR-services for the client’s business.

3. Preparation of a press kit with promotional materials and multilingual information about the client.

4. Selection of the most suitable media channels for the client an their business that will be used in reaching targeted audience.

5. Periodically repeated distribution of the press kit to selected media channels, in order to achieve the appearance of the client’s business in articles and reports published and broadcasted in the most important international press-, TV-, radio- and online-media.